Riviera Carpets Custom Fabricated Area Rug Program

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At Riviera Carpets, or goal is to give you the selection in carpet and finish, that will enable you to create a beautiful Area Rug, to enhance and bring comfort to your room.  Whether your style is classic or eclectic, romantic or modern, we can help you create the look that brings it all together.

Any of our carpet selections can be made to the size and finish of your choosing.

Our exacting craftsmanship ensures a beautiful finish to all our area rugs.

Creating Your Own Riviera Carpets Area Rug is Surprisingly Simple

First, select your Design from our splendid assortment of fine Carpet.

Next, choose the Finish for your Rug from our broad assortment of styles and colors: Wide or Narrow Cotton Binding, Machine or Hand Serging with wool, or Leather.

Then, decide the Size and Shape you wish. Please note that the Width of your rug cannot exceed the Width of the carpeting; seaming is not available for this Program.  You will find the Width of your chosen pattern in the Product Information for your selection, at our Carpets Page.

Finally, use the Locator at our Dealers Page to find the Retailer closest to you, where you will be able to view our Full Line, as well as the complete assortment of Finishes.

Each of our Custom Fabricated Area Rugs is constructed with the finest materials and finished with a Felt Backing to ensure continued performance throughout the life of your new rug.

Wool Hand Serging

Wool Machine Serging

1.25″ Cotton Binding

5″ Cotton Binding