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High-end, high-quality carpet and textiles is woven into the rich history of our company. Since 1978, our parent company, Riviera Home Furnishings, has been creating exceptional textiles for the world. The family-owned business began with the first generation of the Singla family selling cotton fabrics from their own shop in India’s historic city of Panipat. Gradually, the second generation entered into the trading of wool yarn and then selling handwoven wool blankets in the domestic Indian market. Today’s third generation of the Singla family members ventured into the areas of handwoven cotton products including blankets, rugs, shower curtains and placemats.

Rigorous inspection process

The time-honored tools of our artisans

Over a period of time, the company expanded into floorcoverings worldwide, under the name of Riviera. In 1984, Riviera began its own export of handcrafted products, going on to earn the Gold Medal award from the Handloom Export Promotion Council.

The history of Indian carpet and rugs, especially those made of wool, traces back to 500 B.C. The traditions of textile making and handlooms have been passed down through generations of weavers, and many of the techniques have remained the same over the centuries. Throughout their long history, the carpet weavers of India, among the world’s most skillful artisans, have created carpets renowned for exquisite designs, elegance, refined colorations, and workmanship.

Age-old yarn assembly techniques

Innovative designs from traditional looms

Today’s artisans carry on this tradition of excellence at Riviera. Combining traditional skills with modern technology, Riviera creates a range of innovative carpet products in distinctive designs, colors and textures, across a variety of natural and man-made fibers.

All of our carpet and rugs are made with the finest New Zealand wool and undyed natural British wool. Riviera Carpets delivers a diverse line of carpets, designed to meet most any interior style. Since our products are stocked in the United States at our facilities in Georgia, orders are shipped and received in a timely manner.

Our presence within the local market ensures that the latest products, designs and color trends are instantly incorporated into any new product development. Our Riviera Carpets team is ready to assist you with the best in customer care and product satisfaction. To find out more, contact us at admin@rivierahomeusa.com.

Artisinal Tools & Techniques Combine with Meticulous Skills to Make Riviera Carpets.

The teamwork of our weavers enables us to offer rugs up to 16ft. 4in. wide.

Preparation for the backing process begins with the careful arrangement of the primary materials.

Meticulous hand-application of the latex to the backing material, ensures an even finish.