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Through the Summer and Autumn of 2017 we are introducing 9 new styles, offering a wide range of fashion and texture.

We are excited to bring four new Wilton patterns into our family. DIAMOND JUBILEE offers the rhythm of interlocked diamonds, and FRETWORK shows off an expansive graphic of delicate bars and frets; both are offered in white detail on a two-tone field of Taupe, Blue, Grey, or Cream. REGAL COURT displays a lacework of white lozenges on a tweeded field, and REGAL MANOR is an updated version of lattice, with a peppering of visual accents to add playful interest.

Next are two Handwoven Flatweaves, each bringing an appealing take to the clean, transitional styling of diamonds. TAHOE features the appealing rhythm of classic, nested diamonds and TIBURON displays a textured take on the diamond lattice, with a unique pin stripe field.

We have added DENVER to our amazing collection of Handloomed carpets; a unique styling that cannot be made in any way except by hand. With a rich texture of cut and loop pile, this stripe is a rich addition by our unique artisans.

And last, but not least, two new tufted stylings have expanded our offering, as well: BIG SKY is a textured pin stripe and WELLINGTON adds a delicate lattice to this group.

Diamond Jubilee